Rodney Ex
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Rodney Ex Bio
Producer/Composer/Musician/Audio Engineer. In order to remain relevant in the music industry these days it is imperative to wear many different hats. For Rodney EX, A native of New Orleans, and resident of Houston, TX, having multiple titles has become the norm rather than the exception. Formal music training along with learning the art of audio engineering and recording gives this gifted producer/composer the background and foundation for longevity in an industry that is short lived for many. As a composer, Rodney has composed music tracks that have been placed in various television shows on the E! Channel, Oxygen Network, Style Network, TLC, PBS, Travel Channel, A&E, Biography Channel and Discovery Channel. A few of the shows include True Life (MTV), Keeping up with the Kardashians (E!channel), "Dr. 90210" (E! channel), The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (Oxygen Network), Lassies Pet Vet (PBS), Clean House (Style Network), Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC) and Biography of world renown rock and roll singer Meat Loaf (A&E).

Rodney is the owner of Urban Sync Productions and Urban Sync Music publishing. These companies produce music for recording artist as well as music for television and film projects. Producing music in several different styles and genres is one of the ways this producer continues to remain relevant in the game as one of the most versatile maestros in music today. Having a knack for producing music is one thing but being able to produce music across multiple genres and on many different levels is what makes for a long lasting career. Biographies and discographies can only reveal so much about a music producer. When it's all said and done the consistency in the music production has to tell the real story. Eventually all the talking stops which leaves only the music to speak for itself. With several music compositions gaining notoriety and many more productions in the making, the music from Rodney Ex is destined to speak volumes. Keep listening.